November 03rd, 2022


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Sometimes in order to take a perfect picture you need to change perspective. Some places are best admired from the water. Five remote villages sit peacefully on the slopes of the Ligurian coastline. These hidden gems are renowned for both the beauty of their landscapes and the rugged coastal cliffs that keep them isolated from the rest of the world. Take a Cinque Terre tour by boat to discover the wonders of the Cinque Terre National Park.

Boat ride Cinque Terre: forget about the four wheels 
A UNESCO Heritage site since 1997 this cultural landscape called Cinque Terre has enchanted millions of tourists every year.  Five picturesque villages: Manarola, Vernazza, Riomaggiore, Monterosso and Corniglia perched high atop the rocky coastline, make for a unique and special place on Earth. Their history dates back to as early as a thousand years ago though the term “Cinque Terre” (the word “terra” was once referred to a medieval village) didn’t appear until the 15th century. Despite the passing of time, restricted accessibility still requires travellers to look for the most convenient means of transport and here is when boat tours in Cinque Terre, Italy, come to play. Forget about a coach or a car – if you want to reach any of the villages look for rail connections or better still: boat tours to take advantage of the best views! 

Boat trips from La Spezia to Cinque Terre 
La Spezia is a perfect option to use as a base for your daily adventures in Cinque Terre. The cheapest option is the Gulf of Poets public boat transport connecting La Spezia, the five villages and Levanto. These boats run approximately from late March to very early November, depending as always on weather conditions. The public service also includes boat Portovenere to Cinque Terre options and even  boat trips from Viareggio to Cinque Terre so you have more flexibility with choosing where to stay. If you are looking for guided boat cruises in Cinque Terre, Italy, several local companies operate seasonal shared trips available in Italian and English with different itineraries and with stops in different villages. To fully experience Cinque Terre though, we recommend private, customized excursions just for you. Tour with a private boat and a friendly English-speaking skipper, take a swim in a secluded spot accessible only via the sea. Stop at one of the five villages for a typical Ligurian lunch including local specialties like focaccia and pasta al pesto. If it’s too hot during the day opt for a sunset boat tour in Cinque Terre – a customized trip will give you the flexibility you need to spend a memorable day on the Ligurian coast!

Cinque Terre boat tour Vernazza, Manarola and more!

Which of the five villages is the best? You are about to purchase your ticket for the boat trip Levanto Cinque Terre but will you see all there is to visit? Our suggestion: if there are five villages then see them all! Each of them have their own unique traits that make them special. Monterosso al Mare is the largest one. It may be less photogenic but it’s the only one with a large beach where you can go for a splash. If you travel from Sestri Levante to Cinque Terre by boat, Monterosso is the first village you would reach. Vernazza and Manarola are considered the most picturesque and you will likely have seen lots of pictures of them online.  Vernazza can easily be recognized because of its pastel houses, famous tower and Doria castle ruins. Manarola sits on the side of a rock with colorful houses leading down to a pretty harbour. Corniglia is the only village located on top of a rocky cliff and the only one without direct access to the sea. If you want to reach the hamlet from the sea or train station there are 382 steps to climb! And last but not least, Riomaggiore – the closest village to La Spezia, this is where the famous Lover’s Walk trail begins.  

Boat trips Cinque Terre: combine more activities 

Cinque Terre is more than just colorful houses and the sea.  Curiously, for many centuries local inhabitants were not fishermen but wine makers! When arranging your Cinque Terre boat tours make sure to schedule a wine tasting experience to try local Sciacchetrà (yep, that’s quite a mouthful!) or take a cooking class to make pesto!  Don’t forget about hiking on the famous National Park trails. Lover’s Walk may be temporarily closed but several other trails are open. The locals are very industrious people and there are a variety of activities you could try starting from sunset kayaking and ending with a photography or painting class. Our suggestion is to stay as close as possible to Cinque Terre and not just a couple of days. But even if you stay far away on the Italian Riviera there is likely going to be a boat tour from Rapallo to Cinque Terre available though we suggest combining rail and boat travel instead to maximize your time. 

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