October 24th, 2022


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Truman Capote famously said: ”Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go.” While many might argue Paris is the capital of romance, Venice, with its romantic night gondola rides, comes in a close second. As the sun sets and the day turns into night Venetian secret corners come to life. The gondolas silently glide through the canals evoking the magic of romance, past and present.

A sparkling proposal on a gondola ride 

Water is at the heart of the city. The Gondola is the symbol of Venice and despite the passing of time, boats of various kinds remain the main means of transport in this floating Unesco heritage. Visiting a place means savouring its local culture, customs and food.  A private gondola ride in Venice with prosecco is the culmination of your perfect Venetian experience combining a centuries-long tradition with a sensory feast for your palate. Not coincidentally the floating city is a popular destination for marriage proposals and adding a bottle of prosecco to your sunset gondola ride will make it special even more!

Grand Canal Venice gondola ride with a serenade

Do the gondoliers sing? The tradition of boat songs in Venice dates back to at least eighteen century when most of the barcarolle - typical arias inspired by opera, were composed. Performed not only during ceremonies but also during the Carnival these songs were also amorous serenades. Fun fact: though the aim was to impress a woman these serenades were usually sung by women! These days the gondolier will not sing but a serenade with a musician and a singer on the gondola is a popular solution for many travellers touring Venice. It’s more likely the singer will deliver “O Sole mio” rather than a boat song but still it’s a great way to impress your significant other or future spouse during your Venice private gondola ride followed by a romantic dinner. Add a bouquet of flowers, just to be on the safe side!

Venice Gondola ride: a few curious facts 

The Venetian gondola is asymmetrical. Curiously they lean slightly to the right and it’s the gondolier himself to give it the necessary balance preventing it from capsizing. Only over 400 gondolas still glide on the canals. In a busy season make sure to place your Venice Gondola reservation on time! Not that many gondola master craftsmen are left and it might be a good idea to explore the secret corners in Venice visiting a typical gondola shipyard “squero” on a local tour. Upgrade your stay and visit with an actual guide – a Venice walking tour with gondola ride might just be the winning combo.

What to wear on a gondola ride in Venice?  

First off, avoid being overdressed. Comfortable is the number one word when touring a place. Remember you will need to step into your gondola from the pier so it’s best to leave your Louboutin stilettos in your hotel room.  If you are wondering how to get a gondola ride in Venice it’s easy!  A local tour operator like Avventure Bellissime is at your disposal to provide all the necessary assistance, perfecting and personalizing your arrangements. During the Carnival or at the most busy spots it’s always recommended to pre-book gondola rides in Venice. If it's for a special occasion with an engagement ring, careful planning is a must. After all your sunset gondola in Venice will be a once in a lifetime experience so nothing can be left to chance! 

Need help picking the best place to do a gondola ride in Venice? Create your own unique gondola experience with the help of our expert tour advisors. Get in the romantic mood and find inspiration for a special anniversary with our happy customers’ stories!